About Us.

The Silver Scoring Collective are 4 modern composers, producers and multi-instrumentalists from the north of England with a summed 80 years’ experience playing and performing. Brought together to share a passion for creative original soundtracks and utilise ambience and technology to craft sound textures that speak with, or for your movie.

Our Team

Calvin Rhodes Calvin Rhodes Composer | Guitar | Piano | Synth

Calvin has been playing guitar for 15years, he won a summer scholarship at age 15 to the Prestigious Royal Academy of Music and became a music teacher at a very young age of 17. Also toured internationally with various bands and released multiple records. Calvin is also a trained pianist and creates music almost every day. Both Joseph and Calvin also currently play in the technical / prog / groove band Bodyhound.

Joseph Nicholson Joseph Nicholson Composer | Classical Guitar | Guitar | Synth

Originally trained in classical guitar from the age of 9, Joseph has internationally toured for most of his teens and early twenties. His travels including Russia, Europe, Australia and making a record in L.A. with electronic producer Diplo. He also works regularly with Disney, WB, Universal and Sony at Zoo Digital. Joseph has a number of released albums available.

Jamie Silver Jamie Silver Composer | Guitar | Ebow | Effects Pedals

Jamie has been playing guitar for 23 years, in countless bands, with countless guitar pedals. Jamie likes to create what’s been described as a sonic soup of layered guitar sounds. He showcases this with a piano / guitar / ambient band Explorers Society and with The Vitasound Projects’, a 50-minute-long roller coaster ride of heavy music syncopated to An American Werewolf in London. He also played with Jason in Errander and Cocean.

Jason Sanderson

Composer | Producer | Drums | Glockenspiel

Jason has been playing drums for 23 years and working in recording studios from the of age 16. Jason has produced over 100 records, travelling and working internationally for bands, artists and record labels like Sony, Hassle, Visible Noise and HolyRoar. As well as shaping the sound of other peoples bands, Jason’s own musical ventures include shoegaze / ambient band Cocean and noise band Errander, Albums from each band are available.


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